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Wet or Dry Scrubbing - Which is Preferred When It Comes to Your Gym Floor?

Posted by Technical Service Department on Jul 17, 2017 10:48:11 AM


At Hillyard, summer months mean its gym floor season. Every year we receive one question in particular when it comes to gym floors: is it better to scrub a wood gym floor wet or dry? The quick and easy answer is that wet scrubbing is preferred because of the advantages it offers. When wet scrubbing a gym floor with Hillyard Pre-Game®, the floor will obtain an overall deeper level of clean; body oils and other contaminates that may remain after a dry scrubbing procedure are easily removed. The wet method also prevents dust from becoming airborne, which can resettle back onto the floor, getting into the finish at application.

For the wet preparation method, wood floors must contain sufficient finish build. New or sanded floors should be recoated two or three times before wet preparation. And while the wet scrub procedure is the preferred method, dry scrubbing a floor is still a good option. In fact, in some situations, it’s preferred to help protect the wood floor. Glue-down installations should only be prepared with dry scrubbing.

After the abrasion procedure, be sure the floor is as clean as possible before coating. Damp tacking with Hillyard Pre-Game will ensure the floor is free of debris that could prevent proper finish adhesion. The use of the Masslinn® Dust Cloth (CHI214) immediately prior to applying the finish coats will help remove fine particles and debris on the floor that can seed bubbles. This step is especially important when applying high solids finishes. Air bubbles will attach to dust particles and not release from the floor during the drying process, and can leave the floor looking less than its best.

When using the dry preparation method, allow for sufficient time for dust particles to settle and then tack with the Masslin cloth just before applying finish.

Detailed wet and dry scrubbing instructions are available here.

If you have any questions, please contact Hillyard Technical Service Department by calling 800-365-1555, or by email techservice@hillyard.com.

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