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Clean, Safe, Healthy Facilities - A Proven Approach

Posted by THE Cleaning Resource on May 31, 2017 11:49:01 AM

Our experience shows that providing clean, safe, healthy facilities at the lowest total cost is more than just a product procurement-driven decision. In fact, product procurement is just a small part of the total cleaning results equation. It takes more; it takes people and process to drive cleaning results. And, it takes a structured approach for people and processes to succeed. An approach focused on evaluating the current state, standardizing best practice products and processes, training for success, and utilizing management tools that improve outcomes. 

Evaluate the Current State
Evaluating your cleaning program versus accepted best practices is a critical first step to clean, safe, healthy facilities. It will provide insight into the gaps that need to be bridged so you can build a road map for success. Help is available to evaluate your current state of clean. Hillyard, with over 100 years of experience, has developed an app-based best practice evaluation system that helps improve custodial department results. The system collects and analyzes data on current cleaning processes, products, and outcomes. Based on the data collected, it provides a written report that identifies opportunities for improvement. Additionally, recommendations are presented outlining the best practices that can be implemented to improve cleaning outcomes and lower the total cost of cleaning. 

Standardize on Best Practice Products and Processes
You may have heard the line: people don't fail, systems fail. It's especially true in cleaning industry. A lack of systems or systems that are too complicated fail cleaning staff all the time. With over 75% of a cleaning budget dedicated to labor cost, it's critical to simplify the cleaning process and standardize the product offering. Standardization simplifies training. Training provides the pathway to cleaning success. 

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Hillyard CCAP Lowers Total Cleaning Costs

Posted by THE Cleaning Resource on Jan 1, 2016 2:01:00 PM

January 1, 2015

Given the uncertainty of what 2015 will bring from an economic standpoint, one thing is for certain: facility managers are looking for ways to lower the cost of cleaning their facilities. The big cost savings come from being able to lower total cost, and the best tool for identifying and analyzing total cost is Hillyard CCAP. 

CCAP is the premier, computer-based cleaning cost analysis program that answers the most important questions associated with a maintenance program.

  • How many people should it take to clean our facility?
  • How are we doing versus plan?
  • How much product and labor should we be using?
  • How can we improve productivity?
  • How can we train and retain our employees?
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