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Prevent Waste Line Buildup with Liquid Enzyme II

Posted by Technical Service Department on Mar 14, 2017 10:53:28 AM


March 14, 2017

Out of sight, out of mind, an old saying that is all too true, especially when it comes to facility waste lines. However once there's a problem, then they are on everybody's minds. It is important to take measures to prevent an unseen buildup of material in a waste line from becoming a clog that could cause sewage to backup into a facility. 

A periodic application of Hillyard's Liquid Enzyme II will help remove the buildup of biological sludge that can accumulate in a waste removal system. For best results, Liquid Enzyme II should be added to the waste system when it can be allowed maximum contact time. For example, if a facility is not used during the weekend, then adding Liquid Enzyme II to the waste system at the end of the cleaning shift on Friday night would be ideal. 

For application of Liquid Enzyme II to a waste system, once a week add four ounces to a toilet in each bathroom, and then flush the toilet. Where multiple toilets are present in one bathroom, pick the toilet that is most likely to be the farthest from the main waste line. When treating the waste system, also consider adding two to four ounces to sink or floor drains to eliminate odors originating from these drains. Liquid Enzyme II contains over 255 billion nonpathogenic bacteria per gallon, and therefore is ideal for dissolving grease, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that can build up in a waste system. The routine use of Liquid Enzyme II in a waste system will keep the out of sight system, out of mind. 

To further discuss the multifaceted uses of Hillyard Liquid Enzyme II, please contact Hillyard Technical Service at 800-365-1555 or email TechService@Hillyard.com. 

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