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Hillyard Partners with WellAir to Donate Portable Air Purification Units to Help Improve Air Quality in California Schools in Aftermath of Camp Fire

Posted by THE Cleaning Resource on Dec 6, 2018 11:28:58 AM

SEATTLE – Hillyard and partner WellAir have announced they are donating a supply of air purification units to help improve indoor air quality for rescue personnel and survivors of the Camp Fire, which has caused widespread devastation near Chico, Calif., earlier this month.

Upon learning about the dangerous indoor air quality in schools, along with the outbreaks of norovirus at several shelters in Chic, WellAir was compelled to offer several dozen portable air purification units to schools and shelters that can be plugged into any outlet and put into operation immediately. The more than $50,000 donated product, made by Novaerus, WellAir’s flagship healthcare brand, are medical-grade units that employ patented ultra-low energy plasma technology to safely and effectively reduce airborne particulate like smoke and dust, while destroying airborne bacteria and viruses that can lead to the spread of infections like norovirus or influenza.

“WellAir and Hillyard are here to support the Chico Unified School District to improve indoor air quality and any shelters that need help preventing the spread of infection, said Kassandra Keller, SVP of Business Development at WellAir. “We hope this modest donation improves the environmental conditions in some of the affected areas where people are suffering from dangerous levels of air pollution and the spread of infection.”

As the recovery process continues over the months, WellAir and Hillyard are prepared to assist with additional in-kind donations as needed to help improve indoor air quality.

About Hillyard
Founded in 1907, Hillyard is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cleaning and hygiene solutions. Helping people deliver clean, safe, healthy facilities is our purpose, passion and focus. It’s how we help improve outcomes, lower cleaning costs, and deliver results that stakeholders demand. Learn more at www.hillyard.com 
About WellAir
WellAir is an Irish company on a mission to create productive, healthy, energy-efficient indoor spaces free of pollutants that cause infection, allergies, asthma, and irritation. WellAir Solutions is an ecosystem model that combines Novaerus medical-grade portable air disinfection units, Plasma Air HVAC air purification devices, IAQ sensors and monitoring software. Learn more at www.wellairsolutions.com.


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