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Financial Solutions for Better Cleaning Equipment

Posted by THE Cleaning Resource on Feb 4, 2019 10:13:39 AM

Financial Solutions for Better Cleaning Equipment

You most likely have heard it before, “New, high-productivity cleaning equipment is the path to lower cleaning costs and improved results.” Cleaner buildings, lower cost. Sounds great, but where does the money come from when budgets and capital are tight? There is a solution. And, it’s a solution finance directors across the country are using to finance everything from transportation fleets to copy machines. It’s a solution to get the cleaning equipment needed today to start improving cleaning results and lowering cost!

With Hillyard’s 0%, 36-month municipal leasing program, finance departments are realizing the value of spreading equipment cost over multiple budget cycles, at 0% interest, to get facility departments the equipment they need right now.

When facility departments don’t get all the money they need, they are forced to rely on older outdated equipment. Cleaning results and productivity suffer while operating costs rise in a time of tighter budgets. It’s not only productivity and cleaning results that suffer. When equipment fleets age, repair costs rise to a level where a single four-year-old machine can cost upwards of $2,500 a year in maintenance to keep running. For large equipment fleets, the repair bills can be costly. When adding the extra labor costs associated with running outdated equipment, the expenses quickly spiral out of control. 

Municipal Financing Solutions – A Leasing Option

A 36-month $1 purchase option lease with no interest allows for labor-saving equipment to be paid for as it’s being used over three budget cycles. And, if funds are not allocated in the next budget cycle, there is no obligation to continue payments, thanks to an early termination “non-appropriations” clause. Because leases are not classified as debt, they are not subject to debt limitations.

With municipal leasing, your equipment is brand new and backed by a rock solid three-year warranty.

Who Qualifies for Municipal Financing?

Equipment that will be used for any local government and political subdivisions qualifies for municipal financing. Organizations such as public school districts, townships, cities, municipal golf courses are examples of who qualify.

In an era where budget cuts are the norm, rather than the exception, you can count on Hillyard equipment financed at 0% interest to get the job done, lower total costs, and improve your cleaning results.

The Hillyard Municipal Lease Program is provided by All-Lines Leasing. Available on purchases of Hillyard Trident equipment of only $25,000 or more (single order value, can be combined value on multiple pieces of equipment). All terms are subject to credit approval.


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