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Get Rid of Toilet Ring Stains

Posted by Technical Service Department on Apr 25, 2017 9:31:35 AM

Rings around the toilet bowl are always a sight for sore eyes. Lack of cleaning or improper cleaning of your toilet or urinal can leave a ring of discoloration at the water level. This typically happens when the water in the unit diluates the bowl cleaner, preventing it from providing optiminal cleaning power. 

To utilize the full cleaning power of a bowl cleaner, the water level in the unit must be lowered before cleaning. To do so, use the toilet brush or bowl cleaner applicator to push water over the trap, lowering the level of water in the bathroom fixture. 

To gain the most from a toilet bowl cleaner, use the following procedure: 

Secure and use personal protection equipment: rubber or latex gloves should always be worn, as well as eye protection. Eye protection is important when working with acid-based bowl cleaners. Remove water from the bowl or urinal by forcing water over the trap with the toilet brush or bowl cleaner applicator. Remove excess water from the applicator by pressing it against the side of the bowl. 

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Best Practice Resilient Floor Care - 4 Steps for Success at the Lowest Total Cost

Posted by THE Cleaning Resource on Apr 12, 2017 10:16:24 AM

Resilient floor care systems need to protect flooring substrate, provide a safe surface, and deliver an acceptable level of appearance for your stakeholders. Implementing a best practice, burnish-free, resilient floor care program can be segmented into four areas: trapping soil, the first line of defense; getting a fresh start with a strip and finish; protecting the finish with daily maintenance; and revitalizing the finish with a deep scrub and top coat. 

Trapping Soil - The First Line of Defense

Trap and remove soil before it gets spread onto your floors. It sounds easy; just throw some mats down. Not so fast! An effective matting program is more than throwing down mats. An effective matting program consists of wide, high-performance, clean-in-place matting that covers at least 12 to 15 feet of flooring at your entryways. A clean-in-place system like Hillyard Gator® Brand Matting has high soil and moisture retention, and can easily be vacuumed in place, saving labor and enhancing safety. Clean-in-place matting also eliminates the safety and trip hazards of curled edges, mat-slips, and mat-rolls. 

Getting a Fresh Start - Strip and Finish

Every three to five years it's time to strip the old finish from the floor, and build a new finish base with three to five coats of finish. Stripping a floor can be process intensive, and take a lot of time if the right stripper is not used. A high-performance, high-active stripper, like Arsenal® 26 Stripper from Hillyard quickly emulsifies multiple coats of old finish in one application. Less-effective strippers may be priced less, but they cost more in multiple applications, time and labor. 

After the floor is stripped, selecting the right burnish-free finish to apply is going to be based largely on your staff's level of application expertise. The key product spec you will be looking at is solids content. High solids coats are thicker and take more skill to apply, while low solids costs are thinner and easier to apply. Solids content builds the protective coating on the floor. Water, emulsifiers, and leveling agents are added to a finish to help with application and drying. These ingredients evaporate during the drying process - leaving the solids to create the protective coating on the floor. For example, it takes four coats of an 18% solids product like Hillyard Top Shape® to approach the film build of three coats of a 25% solids product like Hillyard Explorer®. Once the new finish base is built, it's time to take care of it with an effective daily maintenance program. 

Protect the Finish - Daily Maintenance

An effective two-step daily maintenance program extends the life of the finish and keeps the appearance up. 

Step one: dust mop to remove grit and soil before it causes damage by abrading the finish and lowering gloss. If soil and grit is not removed, it will get embedded into the finish, negatively impacting the appearance. So, dust mopping after periods of high foot traffic is critical to floor care success. Use treated cotton mops greater than half the width of the hall for single pass, high productivity. It is so important to treat your dust mops. Treated cotton dust mops release the collected dirt better than microfiber. If soil is not released from your dust mop, it turns it into high-grit sandpaper, so to speak, scratching and abrading finish with every use. Treat your dust mops nightly with a product like Super Hil-Tone® from Hillyard. Dust mopping complete - it's time to damp mop. 

Step two: autoscrub high traffic areas daily. Ride-on or stand-on scrubbers deliver highest productivity. Spot mop where needed. Microfiber flat mops are excellent at removing soil while traditional string mops spread soil. Use a neutral pH cleaner, like Hillyard Top Clean®, a Green Seal®-Certified cleaner designed to not harm the finish with repeated use. 

Even with the best daily maintenance program in place, it makes good financial sense to restore the top wear layer annually. 

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Hillyard Awards Presented during NABC Convention

Posted by Lauren Catron on Apr 5, 2017 3:17:02 PM

PHOENIX - Members of Hillyard Companies recently had the honor of presenting awards to two prestigious coaches during this year’s National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Introducing the New and Improved Hillyard News and Blog

Posted by THE Cleaning Resource on Mar 30, 2017 2:50:40 PM

We are proud to share with you the new and improved Hillyard News and Blog section on Hillyard.com. 

The marketing department has been working on the new page for the last several weeks, transferring everything over to the new page.

The blog will feature articles on various topics including healthcare, education and wood sports floor care. You will be able to navigate through the posts by "Recent Posts" or "Posts by Topic." 

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Cleaning Windows the Right Way - Fast!

Posted by THE Cleaning Resource on Mar 27, 2017 11:37:42 AM

One of the most difficult and tedious jobs in the cleaning business is washing windows. Even with a crew of several workers, a small office building can take days. And the longer the job takes to complete, the greater the chance that weather will become a factor, making the job even more difficult and time-consuming. 

Fast, efficient window cleaning that doesn't involve a lot of chemicals, now that would be ideal! But how can it be done? The Hydro Cart Electric Ultra-Pure Water Cleaning System has you covered. 

Affordable, efficient - up to 10x faster than scary ladders - and evnironmentally-friendly, the Hydro Cart will turn you into the world's fastest window cleaner!

Hydro Cart produces a high volume of ultra-pure water that allows for window cleaning from the ground using water-fed poles. The lightweight poles have a reach of up to 60 feet, almost completely eliminating the need for dangerous ladders and scaffolds. The cart produces enough water to run two to three poles at the same time, so you can finish that big job quickly. 

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Hillyard Gym Finishes - Choice of Champions®

Posted by THE Cleaning Resource on Mar 17, 2017 7:04:00 AM

March 17, 2017

Good luck to the 64 schools participating in the biggest tournament of college basketball! 

As the Choice of Champions®, Hillyard gym finishes are on over half of the home courts of competing teams. 

"We're proud to be a part of basketball by having our gym finish protect student-athletes and the courts they play on across the nation," said President of Hillyard Jim Carolus. 

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Hillyard's SureFoot® Game Day Mop, Protecting Student-Athletes during March Madness as the Official Floor Mop of NCAA® Basketball

Posted by THE Cleaning Resource on Mar 16, 2017 9:08:34 AM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) - Hillyard, the Official Floor Mop of NCAA Basketball since 2013, will be providing SureFoot® Game Day Mops for all 2017 NCAA® Division I, II, and III Men's and Women's Championship games. 

When there's a stop in the action on the court during March Madness, look closely and you'll see Hillyard's SureFoot Game Day Mop at work, silently ensuring the safety for players on the court. 

The SureFoot Game Day Mop is a large articulating mop designed to quickly and completely remove sweat and moisture from playing surfaces. When sweat and moisture create slick spots on the court, players can be exposed to potentially dangerous situations where they can slip and get injured. SureFoot quickly removes the moisture, enhancing safety on the court. 

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Prevent Waste Line Buildup with Liquid Enzyme II

Posted by Technical Service Department on Mar 14, 2017 10:53:28 AM

March 14, 2017

Out of sight, out of mind, an old saying that is all too true, especially when it comes to facility waste lines. However once there's a problem, then they are on everybody's minds. It is important to take measures to prevent an unseen buildup of material in a waste line from becoming a clog that could cause sewage to backup into a facility. 

A periodic application of Hillyard's Liquid Enzyme II will help remove the buildup of biological sludge that can accumulate in a waste removal system. For best results, Liquid Enzyme II should be added to the waste system when it can be allowed maximum contact time. For example, if a facility is not used during the weekend, then adding Liquid Enzyme II to the waste system at the end of the cleaning shift on Friday night would be ideal. 

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Tournament Ready: Floors in Two Hours - A Reality with Recon™

Posted by Lauren Catron on Mar 2, 2017 1:26:54 PM

Nowadays, gyms have become 24/7 community centers with meetings, assemblies and ceremonies that wear on a sports floor finish. Even with the best coating and maintenance program, gym floors will take a beating, and can lose their high-gloss appearance as the season wears on. Come tournament time, you’d never think to take on a scrub and recoat project, but with Recon™ you can!

Recon is a revolutionary, two-component, micro-layer sports floor coating system that takes very little effort to get exceptional new floor looks and performance, any time you need it, like a mid-season tune-up right before a tournament!

Recon has the performance characteristics of a true sports floor coating, and is applied more like a resilient floor finish. The process is quick and easy. If in-house staff can run an autoscrubber and flat mop finish, they can use Recon! For the gym floor in these photos, it took two men about an hour and a half to complete.

The great thing about Recon is its easy prep, how quickly it dries, and how fast you can return to play. Traditional recoating takes sports floors out of service for four or five days at a time. However, Recon’s quick drying solution means that the gym can be back open and ready for full play 12 hours later!

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Clean Equipment Leads to Effective Cleaning

Posted by THE Cleaning Resource on Feb 16, 2017 4:12:48 PM


February 16, 2017

What would you say is the most overlooked surface or object when it comes to cleaning a facility? Most likely it's the cleaning equipment. Often the equipment so vital in keeping a building clean is never properly cleaned itself. When not properly cared for, the equipment needed to remove soil from buildings can spread soil, thus decreasing the ability to clean effectively. 

Two pieces of equipment that can be quickly cleaned are dust mops and autoscrubber squeegees. 

At a minimum, a dust mop should be thoroughly shaken out after each use, and then properly retreated with Hillyard Super Hil-Tone® dust mop treatment. Either brushing or vacuuming the dust mop will also remove excess soil, improving its cleaning ability. In heavy-use situations, a dust mop should be switched out or laundered at least once a week. 

Autoscrubber squeegees tend to collect a lot of soil and debris that tend to go unnoticed, even after the autoscrubber's cleaning efficiency starts to diminish. A build-up of soil in the squeegee will not only lead to streaking on the floor, but the autoscrubber will no longer be able to pick up the cleaning solution completely. 

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